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Motors and stuff for sale. South ozz

Subject: Motors and stuff for sale. South ozz
by rb20 on 2013/11/27 10:09:32

My coupe rolling shell has been sold. Now I have lots of left overs I don't need

1x a12 complete. Needs rebuild $50
1x a12 complete good runner. $200
1x l20b complete runner. $250
1 times l20b O ringed block $20
1x l20b head with lots of
porting and regrind cam $100
1x regrind l20b cam. $50
1x twin dellortos 45's
And manifold. $400
1x pair 200b struts with brakes $100
1x electronic dizzy l20b. $50
1 set l20b flat top pistons. $100

If I find any thing else I will add it to the list