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Re: wtb: datsun 1200 coupe

Subject: Re: wtb: datsun 1200 coupe
by BoostedTG on 2014/10/20 11:31:48

2-3k im looking to spend, don't really wanna buy someones hacked up rust bucket which is pretty much what my ute is. prefer an old stocker that I can do a bit of work to that's not a smashed up heap few cars ive looked at lately have been dented and were its not dented its bog covered rust and done really badly. some people shouldn't be allowed to own datsuns for the terrible things they do to them. I made an offer on that orange/primer sedan on gumtree and the bloke wanted way to much before he put the new guards on it and by the looks of the new photos primered some of the rust.