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WTS 1984 DATSUN 1200

Subject: WTS 1984 DATSUN 1200
by dat_lover on 2014/10/13 3:30:09

[size=small]My datsun 1200 ute is up for sale. I have completely restored this car from top too bottom.
Unfortunetly I can not keep my childhood dream, as I need a bigger car for my family.

I bought this car in QLD and DROVE it to sydney... yes DROVE it down to sydney.
I was so happy to finally got my childhood dream car I started stripping it down to see what needed to be done.
I realized that the car had some rust and was poorly painted, so I decided to strip it completely.

Things that have been done to the car include:

- completely sandplasted (head to toe)
- upoxy etch primed complete car
- removed front panels, door and floors (due to rust and damage)
- new panels fitted
- floors and fabbicated floor rails
- quarters/tailgate where folded and scimmed with bog (for modern look)
- both sills cut out and welded new pecice due to rust
- car was primed, sanded and re-primed, sanded
- engine bay painted black and car in the mazda 2 green
- 120y disc brakes at front
- new alloy wheels black with chrome lip with tyres
- crx bucket seats
- floor/seats/door trim/roof/ tray cover/speaker casing was re-done by blackneedle
- changed the dash foam as the old one was cracked
- install fusion 6" splits
- rebuilt 2nd gear box as old one 3rd selective ring for 3rd is damage but easy fix

Things that will come with the car when sold:
- new windscreen and rubber ( was trying to get new dash cover before putting in windscreen)
- heater box that is install the car but not connected yet (2 hoses and ur set)
- 2nd heater box for spare
- as i said b4 a 2nd gearbox
- 4 alloy wheels with tyre maybe 60% left ( 4 on car 4 off car)
- 2 orignal seats
- a 2nd motor that i was working up (it is half built with 74 mm bore and 74 mm flat top head pistons)
- a complete head for motor that was serviced but not installed

I was working on the 2nd motor but cash problems started attacking me. The current motor in it is still the one from QLD, I have been driving on it since and it has not missed a beat.

It is a very very regretable sale but one that must be done, the car has a dent in the passenger side gaurd but should be easy to get out before ppl start inspecting the car.

I am looking at $15,000 ono for the car, as so much money has gone into it. All the items that I have listed above will come with the sale.

Plus many many more....

Will consider offers as well...!

Or trade with everything for a Nissan patrol 95+ or Toyota landcrusier with

2-4 inch lift
33 inch + wheels
bar with winch
desiel 3L or 4.2

Photos will be posted when I get home in 2 hours or so

Kevin 0423201837