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1200 parts.

Subject: 1200 parts.
by BoostedTG on 2015/1/8 8:32:14

clearing out some of the gear I don't need from the pull down of my ute.
- ute diff drum to drum with leafs still attached.

- front cross member with all 90% of suspension components still attached.

- standard A12 motor and gear box condition unknown never tried running it before pulling it out. they are still attached pulled out as a hole.

- ute drive shaft.

make an offer. don't really know what the stuff is worth.

have a few odds and ends around if your looking for something specific sing out as everything going into my ute will be basically new. so will have a heap of stuff to get rid of.
all gear is located in clearview, sa. pick up only. don't have time to organize freight and that as I am self employed and work long hours.