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FREE 210 Race Car use in USA

Subject: FREE 210 Race Car use in USA
by pjz on 2015/4/26 5:02:06

LOOKING for a GTLite Foster Driver for a USA Datsun 210 race car. [Foster Driver pays ZERO rent, but must take care of the car, race it and someday return it in good condition.]

Datsun 210 pro built for Robert Yashika of Datsun Comp days. Purchased at Atlanta SCCA Championship Runoffs by David Walsh, later sold and raced by Harry Chilcot, then sold back to Walsh. [Walsh later built a tube car and won GT5.] Stored inside in a dry race shop. This is a tub car that can win Runoffs - even today. Finished 2nd 4 times.

Back in the paint scheme that Robert Yashika ran in.

Car is currently in a race shop in Atlanta, Georgia USA. Needs engine installed, headers and radiator installed. [I will provide all parts.] Serious? I am, as I have lent out numerous race cars. Contact me. I own it (along with 5-6 other GTLite cars scattered around the USA.)

Want to come race a season in the USA? That could be arranged too.

Email is best.

PeterZekert "at' JUN0 D0T C0M