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F/S 77mm A14 race pistons

Subject: F/S 77mm A14 race pistons
by pjz on 2015/6/16 20:58:47

I have to sell some of the parts on my shelves. I have nearly 10,000 Datsun A-series engine parts in my shop.

Sets of (4) good used, but not damaged, 77mm wedge dome race pistons. Includes pistons and pin, but not new rings. [Rings are easy to find through motorcycle sources.]

Some sets are Cosworth; Venolia; JE, and some are Wiseco. Each set of (4) pistons will be a matching set.

Price is $75 USD for the piston set plus (regrettably) $75 USD now for the shipping. TWO sets (8 pistons) will fit in that size box, so free shipping on the second set. TWO sets shipped to you would only be $225 USD.

I take PayPal. Please contact me by email. PeterZekert "at' juno D0T C()M

Unfound damage & refunds: What if you get a set of pistons home and find some unknown damage that makes one piston unusable? If it is a piston type that I have more of, send me a photo of the damage and I will send you a replacement pistons or another matching set of (4). Otherwise I will have to refund your payment. I try not to send broken pieces, but it happens.

Thanks, Peter