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B120dat Ute For Sale

Subject: B120dat Ute For Sale
by B120dat on 2018/2/6 2:34:16

Hi All,

I has been a very long time since i have posted. Unfortunately it is not for a good reason because with great sadness I have decided to sell the ute. Please comment or share around as you see fit! please see that ad link below and I have added in just some of the detail of awesome datsuns bits that my ute and myself has slowly collected over the years! ... 7984-933271757.1487559124

Sadly selling my 1981 Datsun 1200 Ute. This car was my first car when I purchased it in standard condition in 2001 (Im the 3rd Owner). It has many modifications and upgrades since then. Currently it is rolling has been a project of mine for many years. Please see details of engine and all other parts associated with the car.

Engine - A14 block will all A15 internals (modified JCC pistons), 1601cc, A15 crank with rods, Modified JCC pistons, Nismo spec cam, adjustable timing chain. Ported Head (cleaned up with larger ports) with the largest valves you can fit. Engine built by Brett McNiff St Marys Engine Services in Sydney. (Note the motor has sat in the car since 2009 it may require a check)

List of other awesome Datsun parts and modified bits:
- GX Bonnet (original not reproduced) - Sedan Steel Grille (original)
- GX badge (original and other Datsun badges)
- 63a 5 Speed (Dog leg box) VERY RARE and matching modified drive shaft
- Heavy Duty clutch
- Twin 40mm DOCE Webbers with GX A Series Manifold (Webbers were tuned for mild A14GX)
- Top quality Oil cooler, hoses, fittings and sandwich plate
- Datsun Tappet Cover (Original)
- Cobra Classic CS seats Professionally mounted
- JTS Mandrel Bent extractors
- Bluebird Electric Dizzy for A Series (Made by Datrats i.e. Feral Errol)
- Modified stanza struts and brakes
- Struts are adjustable, koni shocks, adjustable tops with German bearings, stainless nuts/studs and bearing support and threads (anodized blue), 60mm shortened and 175pound king spring - New ball joints and tie rods - Excellent condition dash and fascia (no cracks) - New Clutch and Brake boosters
- Fully reconditioned steering column (all new seals, bushes etc. by Ultimate Steering)
- Lowering blocks
- 14x6 Superlites
- Custom Tonneau cover (Black)
- Rubber Tray protector
- New sills
- Battery setup for rear seat mounting along with new battery cables
- Engine xmemba stripped and painted with new engine mounts (Ford)
- Engine fully stripped and painted - Interior stripped and sprayed
- Reinforced front grille (Cut out) Spares: - Spare original seats and head rests recovered
- Spare Dash Recovered
- Heaps of spare parts

Overall condition:
- The car is in great condition with minor rust in the sills, car paint is in fair condition as it was painted in lancia red a number of years ago (except engine bay, bonnet, front panels and interior were sprayed recently.). Interested buyers only.

Selling in as is where is condition. It is exceptional value at $11000 ONO with so many. There is very little to do in order to have an exceptional little ute going with top notch parts. Note some photos of car are provided when was in complete and running format previously (not with motor listed) for demonstration purposes only. For full history of the cars past visit under member name B120dat. Also selling 1200GO license plates separately and brand new 45mm Webers separately.