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SOLD!!!!!!! Datsun 1200 sedan 1971 roller

Subject: SOLD!!!!!!! Datsun 1200 sedan 1971 roller
by DA70YO on 2018/9/17 1:04:00

Hi all, long time no post.

I have a auto 1971 Datsun 1200 roller sitting, wondering if anyone is looking for a shell located in sydney. its abit eh, surface rust has been hit with rust cinverter and doused in fish oil to try stop and bad corrosion. Dont believe there are any holes in it. Or any bog.. There was one spot under the rear bumper where it looked like someone reversed into a tree stump, but the previous owner had removed the bog before selling it to me so it wasnt hidden. (no one likes sneaky f*****s...) will upload some photos when i get the chance.
Originally i planned to swap with my rusty 73 sedan but just never got around to it. Since lost motivation after putting money into my daily road bike for repairs...
Has diff all windows boot full of bits and bobs, carby tophats arm rests mirrors steering column think theres a a14xmember front rad sup has been cut for sr conversion