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SOLD! F5C56A five-speed gearbox

Subject: SOLD! F5C56A five-speed gearbox
by ddgonzal on 2019/1/24 9:52:51

GX-5 direct-5th transmission (non-overdrive)

Sold $1400. The one before that sold for $2600 "Overhauled in a specialty store about two years ago"


It is a mission that was used in the 48 year kb110gx-5.

It is the one that had been saved using it several times as a spare of the possession gx-5.

I think that it was overhauled about once, but it is not uncertain.

It was stored in a warehouse for a long time, but it has been over 50 years since it was manufactured.

NC, please bid on the premise of overhaul in those who agree Nr.

This time, I have exhibited for those who can use useful but sorry for the stock of the treasure. The appearance is the moderation clean.

For single item operation (not on car)

When the Sanitra shift lever is activated, all ticks and gears enter.

The storage is about 20 years with the mission oil unplugged.

The designated mission oil is 140, but it might be good to think about the overhaul after actually driving.

However, the oil seal before and after is exchange required.

The items of the exhibition are all photos, but please check the following notes.

Points to note

The drain gasket and the filler plug of a weekday point have been corrected and a new product is applied.

Because I applied it for the operation confirmation only the shift lever which is reflected in the photograph, please be careful because I do not attach it.

However, the mounting pin and bush of the lever were new, but it is attached as it is.

About the shipment * oil is pulled out.