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Re: Your engine will last a long time

Subject: Re: Your engine will last a long time
by ddgonzal on 2019/3/10 21:09:20

What is "proper care" for your engine?

* regular oil changes including filter. Use 10W-30 "resource conserving" oil every 5000 miles / 8000 km. If you live in a cold climate (below 0F/-18C) use 5W-40. See Engine Oil Specifications. Note that oil filters are designed to only last a certain time in hot oil, inexpensive filters are good for 5000 miles. Premium filters (synthetic valve filters) and Full-synthetic oil lasts longer BUT with a carbureted engine the oil will still get contaminated, so change it every 5000 miles

* keep revs up to avoid main bearing wear (worn bearing makes dull engine banging/knock). This means no full-throttle below 2000 rpm (do not lug the engine). Downshift often for example when engine RPM drops below 1200 RPM

* keep revs down to prevent excessive ring wear (so that engine is smoke-free). Ring wear quadruples with RPM so there will be 4x the wear at 4000rpm compared to 2000rpm. Normally shift at 3000 rpm with occasional higher RPM when extra acceleration is needed (as when overtaking or merging onto freeway, rev it up to 5000 rpm for quickest accelleration). If you drive at highway speeds, a 5-speed overdrive is your friend in keeping revs low

* keep it cool to avoid a warped cylinder head. NEVER let the temp get to the "H" line. It is OK between "L" and "H". Check the radiator coolant level before every fuel stop. Replace the radiator if the temp gets to the H line