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Re: Old A12 engine VS redesigned A12 engine

Subject: Re: Old A12 engine VS redesigned A12 engine
by D on 2019/4/19 1:44:30

""The real big-block version of the A12 is the one-year-only 1974 A13 engine: A12 pistons but with a longer stroke. Put into a larger engine block so the rod/stroke ratio is favorable""

If its stamped A13 its an A13 not the real big-block A12, A12 is A12 no fooling anyone there either.

Taller block A13 is a new gen caste block as found on A14 and A15

A13 tall block is probably has the thickest casting and prob the heaviest
of all the tall blocks and suitable for turbo.

I wonder if early A12 is heavier cast than later A12