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Re: WTB Turbo Manifold for the A-Series

Subject: Re: WTB Turbo Manifold for the A-Series
by loosekid on 2019/5/28 12:13:40

id assume he means exhaust being turbo..

If you want something hit up NFNR (find them on facebook) in South Africa They do alot

Including EFI intake manifolds for turbo setups william is his name

Can build your setup as well for you..

Or if your wanting to do carb or something else.. the next option just find any reputable exhaust/fabrication shop they can easily make one for you myself and mates have made many apon many turbo manifolds its not overly hard the collector is the only hard part but can source flanges and collectors online from shops as well to suit i.e t2/t4 flanges