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Re: WTB Turbo Manifold for the A-Series

Subject: Re: WTB Turbo Manifold for the A-Series
by D on 2019/5/29 2:00:14

I cant find the articles but to save time, money, driveability and engine life
Log style manifolds have proven to be better pre-5000rpm than longer equal length.
After 5k rpm for 4v heads and 6k rpm for 2v heads the difference is 10-15% peak power.
Whilst torque is substantially fatter in log style manifolds street applications.
VW, Fiat and Peugeot have some 1.2-1.4L turbo gas engines that make crazy torque
equal to NA v8 engines using log style manifolds, small turbo combos etc.
Turbo A series could be made to have a very healthy 1400-6000 rpm powerband than
having nothing happening from 4k rpm before they wake up from a coma.

On a similar note Austin Minis are getting 100hp atw from 1000cc engines
using AMR500 on very simple manifolds like the one below and seeing even
simpler compact billet ones that could also be made for Datto A setups. ... 75966619.jpg?t=1508591295

[img width=500][/img]