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wtb 180b seat(s) VIC

Subject: wtb 180b seat(s) VIC
by jmac on 2021/1/28 10:50:03

I know it's a long shot but can't hurt to try.
I'm kinda large, and the seat I currently have in my coupe actually came out of rally car that had been rolled that I got through DatsAndy. AFAIK *(since the rear end and motor were 180b . Anyhoo - due to my size I deleted the seat rail sliders and custom welded a frame so that the seat is about 3-4 inches lower and 5-6 further back than a factory seat will go (so now my head doesn't hit the roof, and my leg doesn't hit the steering wheel when I use the clutch)

The seat itself is on its last legs and I'd like a fresh one (even if the upholstery isn't in grerat condition so I can reproduce what I did, but without doing any damage cut/recut/rewelding - now that I have the dimensions and locations etc all figured out.

Anyone have one, or a pair - let me know.

I'm in melbourne, but willing to travel to country vic if someone has one..

Thanks for taking the time to read this :)