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Re: red ute with BEAMS engine

Subject: Re: red ute with BEAMS engine
by D on 2021/12/23 12:52:13

way superior engine to the SR20DE and more reliable than the VE that toy engine
is available everywhere here as us army fellas are fans of the early lexus

I even calculated using an SR20 bottom end with 210hp beams head when I was in Oz
as I could buy an sr20 bottom end for 25 clams and import the Beams head and pistons
sort it all out for cheaper than buying the converting the sr20ve to rwd and possible
rebuild, hard to source valve mechanism spares if something went pop etc etc.

The Beams head from the 6 speed had titanium inlet valves and simpler lobe on buckets
than the complicated and rare Honda like finger followers only found on the VE.
The gen 5 Beams in the lexus engine bay also looks cleaner with the pollution gear
than the Nissans with the VE engines. I still hear the sound of the Beams been caned
on weekends and around the us bases from time to time an incredible sound from the
stainless headers they came with. Dam I want a Beams now in my fd3s rx7 as Im never
going to rebuild it with Mazda parts or any parts unless Mad Mike does donations.

Actually Beams 3SGE at full song sound close to 190hp BRE L16 and 198hp BRE L18 from this vid