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Re: wtb hitachi alternator melbourne Aus

Subject: Re: wtb hitachi alternator melbourne Aus
by jmac on 2022/5/10 8:44:29

it's the lt135 that I have and am after.

Today a family friend did more running around. Apparently there are rebuild kits available and it has been ordered in. Not sure exactly whats in it, but bearings were ordered too (haven't seen him in person to know whether or not that's part of the kit or an option or what)

The place he went to had an old guy working there who used to rebuild them years ago and was familiar with the specific alternator. He said beyond brush wear, he encountered the rectifier failing in many of them with enough time/mileage. They are also apparently available, so we've tried to order that as well. Fingers crossed.

In the mean time I'm still after another, if for no other reason than to have the car on the road whilst I fix the existing one, which is difficult due to work hours. So anyone in melbourne/VIC let me know.

Thanks for the info too ddgonzal!