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Re: wtb hitachi alternator melbourne Aus

Subject: Re: wtb hitachi alternator melbourne Aus
by D on 2022/5/12 2:52:35

Ive always ran away from electrics but just in case
I was able to use internally regulated ones found on
so many other later cars from all makes jp and korean
with a few instructions found online.

I cut the factory cast iron bracket with a hand file
saw to make sure the new one lined up and used the V
pulleys available on similar models from older cars.
On another I cut the bracket and used a washer.

Older cars getting hard to find but never had an issue
as I collected plenty of them from pick a part at $10
special week offers.

Cleaned up my engine bay as well as gave me extra amps
from I think was 25A on my 1k and 30a in another but
went to 35A and then 45A units.

$10 a pop was always good fun