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Re: 'Sunny' alloy rocker cover at auction

Subject: Re: 'Sunny' alloy rocker cover at auction
by OGREInc on 2023/11/28 19:47:01

Beautiful alloy covers! I prefer a two-piece flavor, as whittled up by's resident CAD/CAM genius, mattndew76, for my race engine. It's a bit taller (to clear roller rockers, if I can ever find them) and the two piece design makes those 'do-to-the-point-of-OCD' pre-race valve lash adjustments a breeze. No oil running down the side of the block, no scraping off the old cover gasket, no fiddling with getting that decades old NOS cover gasket to seal. Matt machined male/female mating grooves into the top/bottom halves to assist locating and sealing them. I liked the 'as-cast' finish over the highly polished version and I had him machine the top smooth so I have a place to apply a Powered By Briggs & Stratton decal.