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Fuel Preservatives

Subject: Fuel Preservatives
by Wurzel on 2012/6/16 3:15:17

So on the telly there was an ad with some guy bragging about "the problem with having too many toys is that you dont get to use them all" or something like that, wasnt really paying that much attention at the time so I cant remember the brand or any other technical details he probably didn't touch on.

My Datto hasnt been a daily for some time. I try and get it out on nice days, but free time and nice days don't coincide that often so it might sit there for a couple of months at a time. Im aware of the issues stale fuel can cause, so far i've had no issues using month-old fuel and topping it up with fresh, not ideal i know but the prospect of having to drain the tank and replace with fresh before each use isn't too appealing...
So thinking some of you might be in the same situation...and i know some of you have more toys.

So anyone use or recommend this (whatever it was) or similar products? know if and/or how its supposed to work? What other systems do you have in place for intermittent use of your Datsun?