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Re: A14 or A15 in RX-7?

Subject: Re: A14 or A15 in RX-7?
by agr012 on 2002/9/3 2:06:17

well, im pretty sure in these days of competitive show cars an aseries in an rx7 (or rx8 especially)will drop more jaws than the maddest rotar just picture it, you seea hot rx7 in a show ,22 inch chrome alloys ,the baddest paint huge audo video install, big tubs on the rear and a standard a10 under the bonnet ,,, you would be shure to get the craziest conversion award if not most original,,, ,,in fact datsun hubcaps and interior ++++ datto baby poo brown paint on outside,, ,as holden say "i just want one" man, youd have to get some kind of magazine feature out of that whos first??