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Re: Mazdas 1200 excellent coupe killer

Subject: Re: Mazdas 1200 excellent coupe killer
by ddgonzal on 2018/8/22 18:36:27

Mazda old numbering scheme is confusing to me for example the RX-2 is larger and heavier than the RX-3

I have to write it out to keep it straight
* Cosmo Sport (first rotary)
* R100/Familia (later 323)
* RX-3/Gran Familia/Savanna/808
* RX-2/Capella/616/626
* R130 FWD Luce rotary
* RX-4/Luce/929
* RX-5/929 Coupe/Cosmo (Luce coupe replacement)
* Mazda Roadpacer
* RX-7/Savanna sports car (2-seater)
* RX-8 sports car (4-seater)

RX-5 Cosmo
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RX-4 Luce hardtop
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