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Re: Mazdas 1200 excellent coupe killer

Subject: Re: Mazdas 1200 excellent coupe killer
by D on 2018/8/23 3:00:37

Thats the beancounters at Mazda not the designers which wanted to make their own large
limo but like most mazdas in the drawing room those days it took up to 10 years for them
to become reality. A beancounter chose the horrible Kingswood as they would have been cheap
and could make a profit with the empty containers going back to Japan.

Rx2 was heavier and designed earlier but suspension was more expensive than leaf sprung rx3
which was the 808 familia protype which came after the rx2 which there is also a fwd version.
Even the Familia known as the R100 was borrowed from the piston engined body instead of using
the hand crafted cosmos coupe they had to try and make do with what they had for efficiency.

Even if the R100 came out with a 12a it would have been banned from all forms of racing where
the established automotive imperialists could remain dominant.

Mazda should have added one more rotor to the 10a and made it a 15a triple which would have
been even better than a 13b and easy with their alloy sideplates from the cosmo they already had.
All alloy 15a triple would have weighed the same as a 12a or 13b and revved to 12k and would have
won LeMans 24hour race and others just using a 4 speed gearbox.

listen to the triple vs twin on the last run

Also small 12a and turbo vs supercar v8

missed a gear and was impeded from the start but
look at the difference. Would be interesting to
swap the superv8 engine and rotary and try again
as the Ford had no race ballast and prob lighter body
as the Porsche copy FC was darn heavy vs earlier Rx7