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Aussie troubles

Subject: Aussie troubles
by nismo1 on 2018/12/22 7:02:14

Look we have our own problems in S Africa and we even created a few in Oz by sending those lovely refugees and welllll your gov is so accepting cos they also want a rainbow nation. BUT now i see they are screwing you just where they can [queensland] I see that people are paying absentee Tax. If you rent your house out and you outside the country you pay this tax [even if you go away for work]Damn man what type of people do you vote in --you need a yellow vest movement in OZ.While i was typing one of your local programme's came [60 minutes]on and the lady said ''banks dont care about emotions or emotional side''Wellllll welcome to the real world --you know what they say ''my facts don't care about your feelings'' now thats real.This reminds me of the song MONEY MONEY MONEY --watch out they gonna squeeze you dry