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Re: Aussie troubles

Subject: Re: Aussie troubles
by nickmitty on 2018/12/22 7:38:42

When has this forum become Political ??

An absentee individual is any individual who:

Is not an Australian citizen or permanent resident,
Does not ordinarily reside in Australia, and
Was absent from Australia:

This is to stop Foreign Investment and laundering and pushing House
prices up.
We do not need a Yellow Vest Movement nor any other form or excuse to riot , smash and pillage.
And as for Banks or any other business ( because it is a business ) You do not buy what you cannot afford to pay. No one twisted your arm to get a credit card etc. Most people live pay cheque to pay cheque. But you want the latest i-phone and car and smart TV and so on .
And dont compare us to Sth Africa please