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Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?

Subject: Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?
by D on 2020/2/28 3:10:19

LOL the NWO to save the day again but this time with the help of our trusted Governments criminals to follow heed to the money grab and next agenda of keeping us safe from ourselves, the baddies, global warming and disasters.

the "SPAM" flu of 2008 was what I called it from the first day I saw it. Same thing as 1976 swine flu scam that many were too young or forgotten due to idiot box brain numbing addition.

eg. 2 x swine flu pandemics were just big money grabs for Hoffman-La Roche and other big pharma criminals. Tamiflu sales to the world in the recent Spam flu is just a useless product that is as effective as a placebo and even worse in millions of reported cases of adverse reactions comparing it to the worst influenza effects experienced after receiving it.

The practice of making a vaccine/booster involves taking a strain put it into a horse collect the antibodies then further processing which takes 6 months before its ready for mass distribution. Little do the masses know the strain evolves from every subject it encounters mutating to a different beast after going from host to host.

At the time I remember a UN Official came out and said the pandemic was a SCAM and he was whitewashed straight away and even the world health org the mighty "WHO" was also involved in the Scam so it goes to show we have treacherous parasites at the top.

LMAO even mainstream media eventually had to report the truth in all its glory after they all promoted the pandemic intentionally until it got found out/exposed as independent media was doing it before them as always. ... ms-Euro-health-chief.html ... -apart-at-the-seams/17096 ... the-un-over-pandemic-scam ... -billion-in-tamiflu-sales ... ne-flu-fake-pandemic.aspx

My fave line is "Governments cannot solve any of our problems as they are the problem themselves..."

eg. worldwide criminal syndicates cashed up by corporations and banker parasites. In this day and age who really believes any Gov has the best interest at hand except for big money grabs from all kinds of disaster economics. Politicianuses are not liable for anything promised with peoples money, yet you and I are. They are all just actors wearing our arguments on our sleeves just to take more money from us.

Problem is this could be either A. another money grab + the real thing or A+ SCAM.

Im not against vaccinations but dogdammed the nasties they put inside them for even
Tetanus when you go to your doctor after an incident with your rusty car.
Indoctrinated to the bone they never tell you one containing no thiomersal, alum and other 50+ unessential carcinogenic compounds, is available on request and not usually on their shelves.

In this day and age its all made to look like a war, just so those parasites behind scenes controlling and manipulating our interests cash up and gain more control over our last liberties. A great quote was "we must take the profit out of war" by Smedley Butler one of the most decorated Marines in U.S. history. Its all a war against all kinds of disasters and calamities pumped up by media propaganda.