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Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?

Subject: Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?
by D on 2020/3/2 8:20:38

nothing constructive? I put many links there, very educational and for your own perusal. Links from otherwise fear mongering mass media finally giving in to the scams as they were exposed by smaller entities before them.

No interest then stick to the non Datsun related content or better yet reveal how you prepared & what you did for the last Scam flu which stole from the us all?. I actually miss Phunk as he was unlike the insecure herds that need to protect their easily frayed personalities also miss A14force and many other unique characters like them.

Today more choose to remain silent about the obvious corruption and monitored free speech yet laugh at someone like Julian Assange who sacrificed himself by revealing the truth. Aussies used to love such underdogs taking no BS, putting their life on the line, now its just pure Stockholm Syndrome.

Irrational is the lack of critical thinking with total acceptance of our daily eroded rights and complete submission more than ever before to these crooks .

Rational is the WHO, FDA, other alphabet soups, the mass media and our Govs have been found to be criminals cashing in then found out yet many refuse to discuss it.