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Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?

Subject: Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?
by D on 2020/3/4 6:15:41

Glad you didnt put in the homo sanitation plug
which I didnt know existed till the parasites
started poisoning society with the LGBT pandemic.

It all pointss like some serious agendas are at work to make
sure we give in to our last rights to the parasites.
Forced vaccinations seem to be the first consequence.

Edit* 3/5/2020
Likely stock investment chance for this lab which already
(3 weeks ago) has dna vaccine in 3 hours from receiving samples.
Money grab heading world wide likely that even could save
Tokyo Olympics otherwise weak yen could kill the worlds
other car industries as Japan cars would too good to pass.

Meanwhile FiveG strong areas seem the most affected as is the
Diamond Princess with FiveG sat service by criminal JP Morgan.
(Military grade 60ghz mm waves absorbed by 98% atmospheric and
biological available oxygen) FiveG networks creates a perfect
imaging system on top of 2.4hz 4g no need for CCTV.
Best of all is focused beam active denial system all basically
advanced infra red triangulated control grid technology.

They always throw in a few false flags to learn from our reactions,
money grabs and change legislation. This has all the hallmarks of
us being primed for Surveillance Capitalism just like forced on the
Uyghurs in what was once another country named Tibet.

Sadly a few more decades of terror, racketeering and death
and we wont be able to personally drive cars anymore as we
wont be trusted for such an activity except playing games
or watching other peoples lives on gootube. The parasites
will preach to us too many accidents from aging populous
and too many teens crashing intersections/daycares/maccas.
Truck drivers/truck stops are heading for unemployment soon
as well in the US as Autonomous Deliveries take shape.

Then we all just kick back and watch gootube premium,
play first shooter games and online shopping galore.

Finish your wagon mate and enjoy it while you still can :)

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