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Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?

Subject: Re: Covid-19 Influenza. Prepared?
by D on 2020/3/26 10:36:46

Thanks Nick, I guess it just doesnt sink into the totally blind bunnies
that the world is run by total criminals when its right in their face.

The legislation of Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, Sustainable Living 2030 by
the UN is available to anyone if they care to look.

All was signed up in 1993 and I have nothing to gain from pushing what
was decided by world representatives except that our children not be
forced to have nothing left of the freedoms we took for granted.

I have more respect for the local drug dealer or street worker trying to
feed their family than the Freemason controlled filth that arrest them
then sell the loot themselves and also arrested leaf smokers that just
keep to themselves and cause no one any harm.