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1974 620 Stock Exhaust System Diameter(s)

Subject: 1974 620 Stock Exhaust System Diameter(s)
by NoferTrunions on 2021/8/26 4:52:57

I want to get a stainless stock exhaust fabricated. I thought it was 1.5" but the front muffler clamp (20643-B5000) diameter appears to be 45mm (1.75") from one Russian parts site.

What is on my truck suggests it is 1.5 inches.

If the exhaust pipe is 1.75, then what size is the tailpipe? (could be either 1.5 or 1.75)

I have had zero luck - no one seems to know this.


PS. Exhaust is made from Tube (not Pipe). Tube Diameter is the OD