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PROJECT. Mradtee23's sunny truck.

Subject: PROJECT. Mradtee23's sunny truck.
by mradtee23 on 2008/7/26 5:58:41

I thought it was about time to begin a car diary as i am making progress on my project.

This is my first datsun although I have had many cars over the years but mainly modded them with bolt on bits n pieces and had always wanted to build a car from scratch, the way i have always wanted and learn some skills and get frustrated along the way.

I have always been influenced but the jdm style and always wanted something a bit more old school and less tech so i could get my hands dirty. This will be the final car i will build and will become my weekend toy which will eventually be handed down to my little one ( due in october this year)

The car i have chosen for my project is an 1981 datsun utility also known as a sunny truck in japan, here is a bunch of info stolen from wiki.

[B] B120 series Sunny Truck[/B]

Nissan GB121 Sunny TruckThe B120 commercial truck debuted in February 1971, based on the B110 passenger car chassis. The B120 used the same wheelbase and running gear of the Datsun 1200 sedans, coupe and wagon models. Initially it used the same stainless steel grille as the 1200 sedan, and the rectangular gauges of the Standard model B110s. Both regular (B120) and longbed (GB120) models were offered. After the 1200 car series ceased production the B120 continued. Interestingly, in certain markets the B120 was actually badged as 120Y, to correspond as part of the updated 120Y range. The B120 ute was sold in Australia until 1985. It was marketed in New Zealand during the 1980s in two trims: RoadStar and SportStar. This model was known as a bakkie in South Africa. It