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Re: PROJECT. Mradtee23's sunny truck.

Subject: Re: PROJECT. Mradtee23's sunny truck.
by mradtee23 on 2008/7/26 6:22:58

here are a few more pics and progress. here are a few of the beast when i got it home, give you a better idea of its condition.

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a few extra parts in the back like chrome bumper, trims and stone gaurd which is good because the one on the car had a dint in it...

My plans where to strip the car back to bare metal so i could see exactly what i was working with, you may or may not be able to see it from the pics but it seemed like there was alot of bog over the surface of the vehicle. A long process but it would enable me to see what rust there was and prep the body properly so i will not have to repaint the car down the track when rust bubbles pop up again etc.

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I started sanding, using sanding blocks, and an electric sander to start braking down the primer coat