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Re: Dattogal gets a datto

Subject: Re: Dattogal gets a datto
by Dodgeman on 2009/7/19 6:36:06

Oooooh I was hoping that you could keep Michaels hands off it for a little while at least.

The seats, wheels, paint & panel repairs are all good but I'm not so sure about the 200B struts as the larger model's suspensions have proven to have problems with track & mudguard clearance.
It seems that the S13 disk brake conversion onto the original struts offers more in terms of simplicity, efficiency & driveability.
Using the front hubs from a drum brake model apparently keeps the track increase down to an absolute minimum too.
This is the longer term plan for mine.

The A14 will be a good upgrade, but see if he can find & fit a 3.7 to 1 differential as this will help a little with highway cruise, something that the A14 will handle with ease.