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Re: Dattogal gets a datto

Subject: Re: Dattogal gets a datto
by Dattogal on 2009/7/19 9:10:11


Dodgeman wrote:

Oooooh I was hoping that you could keep Michaels hands off it for a little while at least.

Haha sorry Dodgeman, he did the rebuild so he got to make some of teh decisions.
Forgot to add that i spent $2100 on new bushes and bits and brakepads, drums, new headlights, bulbs god knows what...
The bigger brakes were just so I could stop from 100km/h i don't really know anything about them. Meant I couldn't keep the stock steelies though because they didn't fit and 1200rc donated the globes.

The black circle things are "Sebring Datsun" badges, basically the older equivalent of a dealer sticker from the western suburbs of Melbourne but they're pop riveted on so I'm not going to take them off until I'm going to redo the paintwork.

Pretty happy with the car as a whole. I only really want an a14 so it doesn't take quite so long to get up to 100 on the ring road... i dread a traffic jam cos I know I'll never get going again!!

Thanks boys ^_^