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Re: Dattogal gets a datto

Subject: Re: Dattogal gets a datto
by 1200rallycar on 2010/1/17 10:54:54

the little dat that could has been spiced up a bit over x-mas

its been doing the 150km's a day since it was built with no real drama

but the original a12 had seen better days

now slipped in my old a15 with the auto and she gets a long a lot nicer

also had the air con all juiced up for the modern refrigirant and thats keeping things icy cool in the cabin

the overall look is still the same but the engine bay is looking a bit different to stock with a bigger radiator to help it cope with running AC in the heat

some may remember talk of an accident (dofus at a round about hit the front corner), unfortunately it has taken ages to get any money out of him, and the damage is still there, hopefully we will attack that one weekend in the near futur