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Re: Dattogal gets a datto

Subject: Re: Dattogal gets a datto
by Dattogal on 2010/3/6 8:27:11

really quick update on my "beast" (haha!)
you'll def be able to recognize it now mildman, it's sporting a very sexy black front passenger guard cos I finally got around to fixing the accident damage from the tool at the roundabout. new chrome eyebrows and bent the front bumper back roughly straight

looks ok, badly needs a respray and a cut and polish now
can't quite bring myself to crack out the poo brown paint though

other fixer uppers...
got my friendly tame mechanic to have a look at my coughing and sputtering problems and he said that the a15 that unfam sold to rallycar was missing a condenser on the dizzy... hence overheating and generally running like crap... since fixing that runs like a dream - so thanks for the sweet engine unfam!!

really is a great ride now, handles even better with the 15 behind it, even with the air con cranking all the way to werribee

totally cut at the autoshop (eastern automatics, scoresby rd) never go there!
did an alright job with the air con, cept it needed another bracket and it has this crazy squeak when revving below 2 grand
did a totally craphouse job with the auto

couldn't order the right parts to save their life so we gave them our other auto box to fix the one rallycar stuffed which they completely demolished
didn't bother putting any bushes on it so it's loose as sh**T
selector linkage then fell out of the car when i was driving home about a month later
literally *FELL* a completely unpossibility'

anyway at least they fixed it for free and it starts in park now
not very happy tho

edit: not having a go at unfam, i realize that prolly sounds like sarcasm, but it really is a sweet motor and we had no idea about the dizzy