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Re: LAGWAGON II the 1000 version... with no lag

Subject: Re: LAGWAGON II the 1000 version... with no lag
by LAGWAGON on 2010/4/21 13:51:16

haha, sorry its been in a state of disarray for the last little while it's slowly getting back there tho.

ok i have stripped a spare a15 bottom end down and honed the block, cleaned the bejeezus out of it (kero, degreaser, shotch brite the bores crc etc etc) and its half way assembled. I now remember the thing about rebuilding engines - its not particularly hard to do but boy is there a lot of cleaning and meticulous scrubbing involved!

The crank and cam have been installed but i came across a small hurdle when installing the pistons and rods... the rings don't fit! the top comp ring is too thick for the piston i have so its back to the shop tomorrow.

So far its just a standard rebuilt a15 honed cleaned with new rings bearings and a gasket kit. Its getting the wade 30/70 cam and the shaved standard h89 head (that has been checked over, hot tanked valves cleaned up and surface ground) it'll be interesting to see if the extra cubes make any noticable difference. the engine will be for sale as soon as i can get around to rebuilding the a14 that was in there with all the goodies i have aquired :)

pics of the mobile will come soon but here are some engine bits shots from my little garage :)

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