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Super Bee KA24DR Sedan

Subject: Super Bee KA24DR Sedan
by datsa73 on 2010/1/7 3:13:37

Note: Modification History - A12-A14-A15-Z24. Finished working on fitting KA24DE with Twin Weber 38/38 and Eaton Supercharger. No Fuel Injection so no 'E' and Supercharged so 'R'.....hence - KA24DR
Build starts on Page #16, Post #159.

New KA build on Page #90, post #896.


Yes, the car use to be Blue.
Finally got around to fitting the Z24 motor into my sedan. I cut the firewall and tranny tunnel to get it in. I probably didn't have to go to the extreme with the sawzall but it made things easier. The motor is sitting up on blocks at the moment. I have the right position, I just need to build some engine mounts. Any ideas on what I should use for rubber isolators?
Next, a tranny mount.
Engine is rebuilt so as soon as I am done with the mounts, the motor will come out for a fresh coat of paint as soon as I reverse the sump on the oil pan. More cutting and welding. The engine bay will get a new coat of paint as well.
Battery to the trunk to make room for the draw-through root style Eaton supercharger fed by a Holley 600 4 barrel.
The broken H165 rearend will be replaced by a H190 (spider gears welded of course)

Lots of work to do!

Oh ya, 1/10/2010 marks my 10 Anniversary for joining the Datsun 1200 website! 37th member to join.

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