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Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod

Subject: Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod
by datsa73 on 2010/4/3 18:48:59

Picked up my new rearend this week. I figure with the new motor and the old H165 boken, I would have to move up to a bigger axle. This is a H190 out of a 1965 320 Pickup. Aluminum center diff with 4.875 gear ratio. The width is 44 inches between backing plates. I am going to have some 1 inch 6 lug to 4 lug adapters plates made so it should set my wheels where I need them. The axles are around 29mm in diameter with 13 spines. Center diff spider gears are welded up. Right now I am working on leaf spring mounts for the rearend housing. I will be sending the driveshaft up to Drivelines Northwest to get it shortened. After I am done with this, then it will be back to the motor and the Supercharger intake.

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