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Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod

Subject: Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod
by datsa73 on 2010/4/16 6:01:17

I finally got around to modeling up an adapter plate for a 6 to 4 lug. And guess what, I just couldn't make it work. I rotated the 4 lug inside the 6 lug and no matter where I placed it, I did not have clearence for the studs up against the socket hole for the 6. This forced me to take a different route. And I am glad I did. I found some 14" 6 lug chrome wheels with the correct backspacing on Summit Racing for an excellent price. And the drag tires I need are a lot less expensive than the 13" tires.
Northwest Driveline wants 200 buck for a custom drive shaft so as soon as the wheels show up, I can get that measured.
The H190 is in and new traction bars built.
Will post pictures shortly.