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Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod

Subject: Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod
by datsa73 on 2010/4/23 18:44:07

No work done on the engine bay as of lately. Been trying to get the rearend done. Farely close. Got some brake work to do and still need to get the drive shaft made. Here are a few photo's.

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6 Lug Hub
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Morf'd Shifter
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Shorten E Brake
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Shifter and E Brake location
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New 6 Lug wheels are showing up today.
I am going to work on electrical stuff now. MSD Spark Box and wiring. The Distributor is going to be on the opposite side. Odds and ends.
Supercharger and Intake are going to have to wait. But not for long!