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Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod

Subject: Re: Super Bee Z24 Mod
by datsa73 on 2010/5/20 4:34:33

Its getting closer to be finished. Rearend is complete with new wheels and custom driveline. $250 for that. If I could have made one, I would have. Brake and clutch lines complete. New radiator is in. Dual plug distributor wired with dual coils. All wiring done. Battery moved to the trunk (I sat in my car last night and listened to some tunes and wished I was cruising down the road).
Carpet in and with some modifications, I still managed to stuff the heater box back up under the dash.
Today I worked on the supercharger. Installed a pulley tentioner and gathered up all the aluminum to build the intake. I've decided to go with the dual Weber's instead of the Holley. I know the
Weber's work. If they don't I'll try the Holley.
After that's done, I'll plumb the nitrous.
Some exhaust work left to do and this car will be back on the track!
Will post some pictures shortly.