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Re: Super Bee KA24DR Sedan

Subject: Re: Super Bee KA24DR Sedan
by datsa73 on 2020/1/22 20:09:30

Starting Fresh.
New Block
New CP Pistons
New Eagle Rods
New Crank
New Head with SS OS Valves
New Crower Stage 3 Cams
So really New Motor.

Pulled my motor apart and found my #4 spun rod bearing. Last fall I ended my season a Couple of races early on the last day of the year. Was hearing a noise in my motor so I shut it down.

So I'm starting over.
Going with a 9.0 compression piston over the 8.8's I've been using. Stage 3 came instead of the Stage 2's.

This year I'm not going to let stupidity and advanced timing get the best of me.
150 max shot on the nitrous. Looking into methanol injection as well.

Poverty and Speed go hand in hand. Over the years I've spent enough money to buy a used Super Car. 😀