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Re: Super Bee KA24DR Sedan

Subject: Re: Super Bee KA24DR Sedan
by datsa73 on 2023/7/12 17:37:08

Manage to take another 2nd Place in the 11.50 Index at IFO in Woodburn Oregon last month. No trophy but the winnings were enough to pay for my weekend trip down there from Seattle. In the morning that day I found out that I had a dead battery and needed a jump for first round of qualifying. A friend in the pits had a spare so installed it and continued the race. The battery is about 5 years old so time for a replacement.
Decided to go Lithium.
Noco makes a 700 amp 12 volt battery that has good reviews. 5 pounds compared to the 36 pound (42 including metal frame to hold battery in box) lead acid battery.
I bought two (17 pounds 2x batterys plus metal frame in bottom of battery box). One to run the car and one to power the bottle warmer on my nitrous. In the end the wiring ended up being a Frankenstein but it does have ryme and reason. I needed a battery isolator to charge the nitrous battery and also installed a battery kill switch between the two just in case the main battery died. That way I could still start the car jumping it from the nitrous battery. It works. Dropped roughly 20 pounds off the car.

The radio. My buddy gave it to me. He thought I may have a use for it.
Needed new tires as well. 🙂