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Re: racetech's 1200 SR20VE Project

Subject: Re: racetech's 1200 SR20VE Project
by racetech on 2015/2/10 8:56:19

[quote="benny"]Has it been determined that moving the loading on the stub axles further away from the base of the stub axle, via the use of the custom hub assemblies has contributed to the stub axle failure? i.e. more leverage applied to the stub axle.

Would be interesting to know the analysis of the axle failure. Look at the failure under a microscope to determine if it started as a hair line crack that grew until finally snapping etc. Would be worth checking out the other strut for signs of metal fatigue and cracks.

Our final conlusion is that the spacers were at fualt, I had a metallurgists look at it and he came up with this:
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