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Re: 1200Rallycar - The rally car

Subject: Re: 1200Rallycar - The rally car
by 1200rallycar on 2010/9/22 13:38:51

forgot to say, those two pics are from the same corner, i actually have a series of about 8 going around there

there is a couple of videos on youtube of the rally search "marysville stages vcrs" if interested

the event i was at wedding my bro drove and had a friend of ours navigate, who unfortunately got quite sick doing so.... so we laughed at him

me and my brother built the car and he has been driving the championship events this year which means i haven't had many drives. It was my chance last year, with me doing the majority of the driving we won the class championship, we are in front again this year and with one event left should win as long as we finish.

Anyways it's been a lot of fun, i havent driven with new tires yet but can tell from the nav seat it's gonna be awesome, havent really got upgrades planned for this x-mas, though we have quad throttle bodies sitiing waiting for a good ecu to run them one day