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Project Frankenstein 180YSSS

Subject: Project Frankenstein 180YSSS
by 180YSSS on 2010/12/16 20:37:03

Datsun B210 modified and restored
Engine:(was a14)
L16 SSS bored out to fit 280ZX flat top pistons (now1800cc)
Race cam
Ported and polished head
High tension double valve springs
Lightened and polished crankshaft
Lightened flywheel
Set of 4 Suzuki GSX-R 750 carbs
Kawasaki ZZR 1100 electric fuel pump
Electronic Dizzy
Ford Modeo Radiator
Audi A4 electric cooling fans

510 SSS gearbox and diff
Custom tailshaft

Front - 510 SSS McPherson struts with KYB Excel-G shocks
Rear - 510 SSS Independant rear suspension with Seat Ibiza McPherson struts

then into 60mm pipe, then divide into two 30mm pipes from half way (all stainless)then into 2 stainless high-flow mufllers

Stock 510 SSS brakes (for now)
Stainless braided hoses

Ceramic clutch disc

Modified various places to acomadate
Battrey now lives in the boot
Spare wheel well cut out replaced with new floor
Some rust work
New chrome bumpers
Every screw, nut, washer and bolt nickel plated
Stripped back to bare metal, etch primer, polyester coat, colour matched high fill primer then sprayed with 2-pack straight orange.

Compomotive 15 inch Minilites, 7 inch front and 8.5 inch rear

Interioir: Reupholstered