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Datsunbeginner's Daily Ute

Subject: Datsunbeginner's Daily Ute
by datsunbeginner on 2011/4/11 12:26:29

Hello everyone,

Well it's been just about one year since I bought my '76 ute and later became a member of this forum! Love driving my ute and I often compare driving it to those who don't know what its like to drive one, that its like driving a super-sized go kart. I thought it might be a good idea to start a build thread to show what I have done to my ute over the past year or so.

Being the first car that I have ever owned in 10 years of driving where I actually changed something on it myself other than the wiper blades, this thread will probably not appeal to those more advanced on the forum and with a bigger budget. I've set out to drive the ute as a daily vehicle and tune / fix it up along the way bit by bit where I have a little bit of money here and there to spare. So far its been fulfilling, educational, and frustrating at times...(when I am sitting on the side of the road) To those of you who offered me advice so far...thank you. Looking forward to getting it to the point where I am satisfied in my mind's eye.

As of late I am working on the paint, which after three straight weekends of sanding and prepping, sanding and more sanding, I have sprayed the first two coats of primer on it.

I figure I'll start posting pics from the point when I bought the ute from a guy in Michelton, Brisbane and drove it home if I can dig up all of them.