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Re: Datsunbeginner's Daily Ute

Subject: Re: Datsunbeginner's Daily Ute
by datsunbeginner on 2011/4/13 14:11:29

More pics added from progress during the rest of the year up until a few months ago. Trying to get my build thread updated before I paint this weekend so there may be a few posts tonight.

First off was simply changing out the old rear view mirror which was severely aged. Fitted a new one I bought on ebay from Thailand for 25 bucks all up and its been great so far...not genuine though for you die-hards. Next was the purchase of some 14 inch wire mesh rims that came off a Sunny race car in Warwick. Drove 3 hrs up there from the Gold Coast on a weeknight after work and picked them up for $200 then drove back, kinda crazy I know. Spent a few weekends refinishing the inner parts but the chrome dish was in pretty good condition already. Thought about sanding that back and refinishing the chrome like some other members have done but I'll get to that someday. I basically sanded the hell out of the inner parts by hand...wish is a mission with that wire mesh pattern, then primed, and painted with some Killrust gloss black. Probably would have skipped the primer or bought a better paint in hindsight but I think they still look good. I've seen other members with similar rims and I think they will go nice with my overall paint scheme - orange/black

With the help of my girlfriend who sows really well, we started refinishing some interior parts including the door skins and the sun visors. I found this faux fur type fabric, that's not too fur like which shimmers quite nice in the light and we decided to put some orange piping around the visors to make them pop a bit and match the rest of the paintwork. Also added the piping to the door skins which I made out of 8mm MDF sheet, but I don't think it turned out as good as I imagined...may do something else to highlight the orange somehow since it came out a little wavy...suggestions? Also bought and installed a bright 5-ball orange shift knob from Rocknobs for $20 to go along with the overall theme and I love it. 8-balls are overrated.

About 6 months ago I found some round mirrors at Supercheap and put them on, they were fairly inexpensive too. Originally planned to use them as fender mirrors. I drilled out new holes and screwed them in...stood back and said sweet! That was, of course, until I tried to open the hood and couldn't because it wouldn't clear the mirrors....doh! Must be a rookie mistake. Still was quite happy with the way they look in the normal position on the doors as plan B.

Lastly was refinishing the grill and handpainting the original logo to restore it to a near original condition. Masked up that grill really sharp and sprayed it gloss black. Did the same with the logo, that was a tricky one to mask. Then I got some blue and red enamel paints from a hobby shop where you buy those paints to create model cars and planes and such. Carefully hand-painted the logo with about 6 coats of the enamel and it came out pretty fine.