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Re: supafatto's Coupé

Subject: Re: supafatto's Coupé
by supafatto on 2012/12/27 12:27:25

Gotta take the globes off as they no good on front going to run ti wheels and no flares, my front end has finally now going to stay, rx7 series 4 callipers on maddat hubs and dr910 disks with mr2 t2 inserts and 275p 9" springs with needle bearing tops and t3 camber tops, brake lines done just need flex lines, exhaust and fuel tank and paint now.
Paint end of jan will be done, feb will be brakes, exhaust, glass, tune with 555cc injectors, z32 afm, t28bb, fmic, air intake, zorst blah blah aiming for 200rwkw!
Then drive on permit for a few days to make sure it's right then off to Nats