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Re: 3J Improved Production coupe- Racing Videos & Progress

Subject: Re: 3J Improved Production coupe- Racing Videos & Progress
by mcgee on 2016/2/18 9:59:05

Car was dyno'd this afternoon. Numbers are good, about what I expected given the mods and far better then the part tune the other day. Torque and usable rev range is also very nice.
I put an old set of A050's on the rear for the runs, which was a bad move, those things chew power. First to last run was nearly 40hp difference due to the sticky tyres, they probably robbed me about 10kw on top of the final figure. I guess that only makes it stronger then the numbers suggest.
Happy with the results. Looks like I have a dead alternator too.
She comes home tomorrow but not before I send the KAAZ LSD off to get ramp angles changed.
Really looking forward to seeing how the changes effect the car on the track.